Neerman and Partners is a new partnership incorporating the former Neerman Consulting and Environmental Vehicles Holdings Inc.
From 1967, Neerman Consulting have been actively engaged in the field of industrial design with a strong focus towards public transport and urban mobility. Neerman Consulting has earned an envious record for design concepts, realizable engineering, ergonomic form and function design, and is widely acknowledged as being an innovative and reliable project manager. Johan Neerman took over the family business in 1999.
City and urban public transport cannot be solved only by vehicle styling and traditional engineering; it requires consideration to the environment and local topography, passenger convenience and cost of use, reliability and servicing, overall commercial viability and functionality that will last for thirty years.
Many of our rivals are totally dependent upon on public subsidy from the start and throughout the operational life – whereas we try to achieve commercial viability as part of the brief.
Bearing in mind the required reliability and long operational life requirements of public transport together with the rapidly changing expectations of the travelling public the Alliance provides invaluable fresh ideas, innovation and an independence of response today’s need.
We aim to be solution providers.
We are transport consultants and architects engaged in the design of leading-edge environmentally friendly public transport and infrastructure for the benefit of the environment, the user and the local community.
Our mission is to help manufacturers, local communities, government agencies and engineering companies realize better ergonomic and functional concepts particularly with zero and ultra-low emissions. Johan Neerman holds several patents for public transport systems and remains a strong asset when it comes to innovate and bring to the customer real added value in terms of ergonomics and maintenance.